Thursdays just aren’t the same without Scandal. Yes, How To Get Away With Murder keeps us on the edge of our seats, but if we’re being honest drinking red wine and eating popcorn just doesn’t have the same excitement without Kerry Washington and company.

To spice up a rather bland Tuesday, (Nov.1) show creator Shonda Rhimes threw the Internet a bone in the form of a 10-second sizzle. While the video is disrespectfully short, and leaves fans with more questions than answers, it preps gladiators for the proper Scandal Season Six trailer set for release Wednesday. (Nov. 3)

In the backstabbing, underhanded world of D.C. politics anything can happen, and anything usually does. While we won’t know until the season is underway if Melie becomes president or if Cyrus off’s his running mate and makes his way back into the Oval, what we do know is Fitz has a grave situation in the Situation Room, Abby’s red hair is still fire-engine red, Liv and Fitz may rekindle their on-again, off again relationship (someone say Jake Ballard?) and HuckleberryQuin almost die in a house explosion.

Season Six of Scandal looks pretty great. Check out the video below.

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