In contemporary relationships and marriages, partners have been known to text sexy photos to each other.

It is, in a way, some form of foreplay as one partner requests for a picture of the other partner wearing nothing either from top down or in any other state of undress.

Sending nudes is just a little part of the broader subject of sexting, which involves sending, receiving, or forwarding sexual messages or images to another person.

Sending nudes is, as expected, a highly debatable topic.

Many couples embrace it for the advantages it has on the sex lives and intimacy of couples.

Some refrain from it because of the risk of having the photo leak onto the Internet or become used against them in the fear of a breakup in the future.

Obviously couples who hope to include this in their relationship or marriage have to absolutely trust each other for this to be a possibility, and for the fear of having the photos leak and become an embarrassment in the future, sending the pictures without one’s face has been said to be a way to escape that.

Anyway, we want to know what you think.

Is sexting something you’d love to try with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife?

Are you already practicing in your relationship? Please let us know in the box below.

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