The wounds may still be a little too fresh for some, but 42.2 thousand people tuned into Jane Oranika’s makeup tutorial that took a comedic twist to how black people can survive in Trump’s America.

BET reports that Oranika, who commonly goes by the name “Chika” posted the vid to Twitter as a joke to one of her friends before the final election results were announced as way for them to laugh through their pain. Chika reveals:

“It was right before the final results came in, and things were looking pretty dim. I was in a really sad place and as someone who hates being sad, I was trying to cheer the both of us up. I posted it and we laughed about it, and like an hour later when Trump was actually was elected, it blew up.”

Of course Chika met her fair share of Internet trolls; the video initially had 70k retweets and 102k favorites on Twitter before it was reported and her account was suspended. She then reposted it to Instagram where it currently has 90.7k views.

On the flipside, the vid in which she drops the clever line, “Barack Obama, is that some type of sauce?” received a positive response from many who Chika says felt the vid helped lighten their hearts on what proved to be a very dark day after the election:

“I think that’s why it spread as quickly as it did. It was comic relief in a pretty bad situation. The negative responses, not to sound biased, were uninformed and cried “white face”. I thought that was weird considering the concealer I used was my best friend’s, who is black. Also, there is no historical context to whiteface so of course the standard is different as to why it shouldn’t be offensive. I felt as though the underlying message takes priority and that’s the message I was trying to get across.”

If anything is true, Chika is the latest in a long line of African-American comics who when all else failed brought together our communities through laughter at the very system that oppresses them. Some might say it’s too soon for jokes in the face of what could possibly be a grim reality, but Chika who hails from Alabama, a state in which the KKK is alive and well is probably more familiar with that reality than many think.

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You can peep the viral vid below:

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