Not to say you’re a one-trick pony. But when it comes to orgasms, women are a bit more multidimensional, according to a new Concordia review.

“Unlike men, women can have a remarkable variety of orgasmic experiences, which evolve throughout the lifespan,” says lead author Jim Pfaus. “A woman’s erotic body map is not etched in stone, but rather is an ongoing process of experience, discovery and construction.”

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By reviewing old and new scientific breakthroughs in sexuality, researchers looked into the evolution of “the clitoral versus vaginal orgasm debate” (whether a women can reach climax through vaginal stimulation alone, or if external clitoral stimulation is a must) and found it’s actually even broader than we realized.

In the review, published in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology, researchers found women can orgasms from one or more sources of sensory input, which isn’t necessarily new insight. Females can climax from solo stimulation of, or a combination of, the clitoris (externally), around and on the G-spot (internally), the cervix, and stimulation of non-genital areas like the nipples, lips, ears, neck, fingers and, uh, toes. But to really make sure she goes over the edge, the combination is key.

“With experience, stimulation of one or all of these triggering zones are integrated into a ‘whole’ set of sensory inputs, movements, body positions, arousals and cues related to context,” Pfaus says. So if you really want to blow her mind and give her sex she’s dying to tell all her friends about, make sure you’re paying attention to at least two trigger points.

Pfaus adds: “That combination of sensory input is what reliably induces pleasure and orgasm during masturbation and intercourse.”

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But adds, as a disclaimer, this is likely to change. She’s going to “experience different kinds of orgasms from different types of sensations in different contexts and with different partners,” he explains. So experimenting with new techniques is a must—and can help keep the spark from dying out.

Explore what a “whole” orgasm means to your partner—what body parts, techniques, and tempos she likes and what she can do without.

While we offer tips on the best sex positions that’ll get her off every time, they may not work for every woman or every time.

Bottom line: You need to change up your bedroom routine. Experiment more. Pay more attention to foreplay. And don’t just zero in on one body part. What will get her going one morning might not get her off the next night. And, as the researchers suggest, you could unlock the mother of all orgasms for her. You just need to find what buttons to press in that moment.

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