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With Valentine’s Day being next week, many couples are preparing to celebrate their love with chocolates, romantic dinners and gifts. One guy who may not be spending the day as planned is rap duo Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee. Last night (Feb. 3rd), he was surprised by what his former flame, Marliesia Ortiz, did to his cars.

Instead of keying the cars, ortiz decided to drizzle dessert sauces all over two of his cars. She also left behind a box of chocolates as a pre-Valentine’s Day farewell. Swae smiled as he revealed what happened to his millions of followers via IG stories, but of course he was not too happy.

Ortiz had no problem admitting that she vandalized her now ex-boyfriend’s whips. By the looks of her captions, she was tired of being lied to and decided to do some damage on her way out from the relationship.



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