After telling Evelyn Lozada on a recent episode of Basketball Wives that she “lied on Chad,” in reference to Evelyn and Chad Johnson’s infamous domestic violence incident, Tami Roman received a lot of backlash and side-eyes. That includes one from her friend and co-star Jackie Christie, who had to ask her what she was thinking by going so low.

In the latest episode (which airs tonight), Tami told Jackie that she made the comment not only because Evelyn allegedly told her years ago that the headbutting episode was “an accident,” but also because she’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. The 48-year-old made particular mention of Evelyn’s comments about her weight during their recent confrontation (Ev said she looks like a “crackhead” following the “You lied on Chad” comments, and in the past, made fun of Tami’s walk), and how people, including her cast mates, are being insensitive about her diabetes-related issues.

“I’m a diabetic, ok? So for me, my weight is very serious,” she said during a conversation with Jackie. “I finally decided to take charge of my f–king life so that I can live for my kids and my man. Because of that, I lose weight. I’m 48 year’s old! This is how my body reacts to me making proper choices with my diet. Don’t f–king talk about me like that. Making fun of my walk. I f–king have issues with my feet because I have diabetic nerve pain. Ok? So none of that sh-t was f–king funny to me. There’s only so much I can take. I’ve gotten up! I’ve walked out! I’ve kept quiet! I’ve tried to mind my business, and you just pushed me!”

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When Jackie still harped on the reality that blaming a domestic violence victim for the assault against them was hurtful, Tami responded by saying, “I was hurt, too.”

“They been talking about me from day one. When I was the big b—h they was talking about me. Ever since I’ve known them girls, they’ve been talking about me!” she tearfully said. “And I just always tried to be their f–king friend. And I always tried to be down and be quiet and stick around and hang in there and support Shaunie and support them b—hes’ makeup, do whatever is necessary, and I’m tired! I’m f–king tired!”

Eventually, after tearing up and thinking about it, Tami realized, in a signature Tami way, that she’d gone too far in her statements. But don’t expect any apologies.

“Maybe I was wrong for saying it,” she said. “Maybe I was wrong for throwing that in her face. Throwing her truth in her face.”

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