Do you remember when Amy Adams and Taraji P. Henson hit the stage for performances at the Oscars? Well, if you thought they were comfortable on stage, they were actually so nervous! The Oscar-nominated actresses opened up about their experiences during an Actress Roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter.

Amy performed a song from Enchanted back in 2008 while Taraji hit the stage in 2006 for Hustle and Flow.

“The worst stage fright I ever had was singing alone at the Oscars,” Amy said.

“Very scary,” Taraji replied. “At least you didn’t have to sing about pimps and whores.”

“You actually did it. That was the first year I was nominated, and I was like, ‘She is up there, singing at the Oscars,’” Amy responded. Taraji replied, “It was pretty scary. I had to look over everyone’s heads because it’s not like what I’m singing about is the most … you know.

That is the thing about Taraji. We just love her vibe.

There are not that many tales, maybe a few but not many, of single Dads who overcame adversity to become superstars the way you hear about woman doing the same thing.
And that list includes Taraji P. Henson.

While the circumstances surrounding other single moms in Hollywood may be somewhat similar, the fact remains that in most cases the man has made the decision for whatever failing excuse, to leave the home and leave his children and partner alone to their own devices.

And yes, there have been many, many woman who have risen above this circumstance and made a real go of it and been highly successful but the fact is that there are few cases where the WOMAN made the decision herself to leave the relationship and have gone on to have the success that Taraji P. Henson currently enjoys in Hollywood.

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The star recently said in an interview that she clearly remembers the day when her partner at the time, Mark Johnson, balled his hand into a fist and smashed it into her face forcefully. Bloodied and bruised the star called her Father who immediately came to her aid.

On the way to help his clearly distraught daughter the Dad, like any Dad would, contemplated ways to not only help his little girl but ways to dispatch, permanently, the man who had harmed her.

Luckily for Johnson the ride over gave Mr. Henson the opportunity to cool down enough to take stock of the situation and chart a path out with less rather than more violence.

After explaining to his daughter and her partner that he too had once let his anger get the best of him and he had been violent with Taraji’s mother he diffused the situation and let his daughter decide what the best course of action was.

To Taraji the choice was clear. If a man can hit you once he can certainly hit you again and the decision to leave was one that she struggled with but ultimately reached.

Knowing full well that the stigma of being a single mother was something that would follow her through her attempts to make a better life for her and her child she also knew that that was better than a life of certain violence and abuse.

Never backing down from her dream of acting success the Empire star persevered despite tremendous odds and is now not only the star she had always hoped to be but is also something much, much more, an inspiration to other woman who are struggling with the decision to leave an abusive relationship.

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While the accolades from her peers and from the Hollywood elite are great, Taraji knows that the full measure of a person is how they do while facing adversity and for that alone she wins the Oscar for sure.

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