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Losing a good friend to her boyfriend is tragic, but it happens all of the time. Everybody ultimately wants to be loved, and sometimes, they look for love in the wrong places. Furthermore, sometimes people who don’t actually care about someone mask their selfish motives and pretend they only do certain things because they love the person. Sounds like a controlling partner, right? At some point, every woman finds herself with a man who is possessive, controlling, jealous, and downright emotionally unstable. The lucky women disentangle themselves from this situation. The truly lucky women have a good network of friends and family members who will show them how unhealthy their relationship is, and help them get out of there. But, unfortunately, here’s another thing every woman eventually experiences: losing a friend to a possessive boyfriend. We can’t save them all. Here are the phases of losing a friend to a possessive, controlling boyfriend.

A troubled wife turns to Reddit for advice after struggling to forge a relationship with her new husband's ex.


First, she’s more elated than you’ve ever seen her

Possessive boyfriends get their grips on someone by first being very charming and excessively attentive. So at first, your friend will be more elated than you’ve ever seen her. She may be making claims that “This guy is the one” after only going out with him a couple of times.

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She starts running late

Next, she’ll start running late. This happens for a couple of reasons: 1) The possessive boyfriend is monopolizing her attention and 2) The possessive boyfriend subtly suggests that she’s being disrespectful to him by running off to see her friends.


Your usual activities/stomping grounds aren’t good enough

Possessive boyfriends find a way to put a negative spin on everything their partners do and everywhere they go. Ultimately, they just want to lock them up in the apartment. So slowly but surely, your friend complains that the bar you two used to love is “too trashy” or “too loud.” That’s the boyfriend talking.

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Then he says something to you

The boyfriend reaches out to you and tries one of two tactics to get you to back off. 1) He offers to get lunch, patch things up, clear the air (aka bribe you to shut up) or 2) He tells you to stay the F— out of his relationship.

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