Instead of teasing another superhero crossover, the way Doctor Strange‘s mid-credits teaser did for Thor: Ragnarok, the post-credits scene established a subplot that will likely work its way into the Sorcerer Supreme’s inevitable sophomore film. It’s simple enough: Mordo, the sorcerer who abandoned Doctor Strange at the end of the film for his abuse of the Time Stone, visits Jonathan Pangborn—the formerly paralyzed man who first steered Strange overseas towards Kamar-Taj and the Ancient One, where he himself learned how to draw on magic energy and restore his movement. Mordo attacks Pangborn, draining him of the magical powers.

Mordo’s explanation as to why he’s doing this reveals a huge change in character and a dangerous vendetta. After finding out the Ancient One siphoned energy from the Dark Dimension to extend her life and remain Earth’s protector even longer, Mordo was let down by his teacher bending the rules for the sake of the greater good. Likewise, he didn’t approve of Strange using the Time Stone, knowing its capacity for tearing the space-time continuum. Breaking from his prior belief in rigidly following the rules, he’s decided sorcerers bend these rules and break the laws of nature—and he thinks there are simply far too many in the world. It seems like Mordo is on the hunt to whittle down the number of magicians, and he’ll inevitably cross paths with the likes of Wong and Stephen Strange once again.

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