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@thestarrwahington "While dealing with the stress of caring for my sick father, I ballooned to nearly 400 lbs. My feet, knees, ankles and back hurt so bad I couldn't walk from one end of the department store to the other without finding a spot to sit down. I told myself I wouldn't live long at the rate in which I was eating and gaining weight. I knew that exercise would help my mood so I learned to swim and fell in love with the sport. Within about 3 months I had lost a little weight but all my pain was gone. Motivated by my new found freedom, I researched the benefits of intermittent fasting and started living the lifestyle the next day. In 6 months I lost over 70 lbs and have gained more energy, clearer skin, and increased mental  clarity. I've done tons of research on why this lifestyle has helped millions of people and I wrote an eBook on my story and how intermittent fasting can help you too." Link to eBook in bio @thestarrwashington.

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