If you follow Tina Knowles Lawson on Instagram, you likely heard Blue Ivy admonishing her grandmother for recording in a Parisian theater.

Turns out, the two had grandmother/granddaughter went a whole trip together. During a recent interview with Us Weekly, Knowles-Lawson spoke about the trip.

“We had the best time,” the 64-year-old businesswoman told Us on Saturday, June 2, at the Ladylike luncheon in Beverly Hills. “We did something every day. We went to Disneyland in Paris, we went shopping every day at Galeries Lafayette. She loves that store.”

Ms Tina said the two went to the top of the Eiffel Tower every day but not to the top.

On vacation, Blue likes to indulge in sweets—like any five-year-old.

“Every day, we went to get this donut that she liked, so she’s like, ‘I want to see the Eiffel Tower at this time of day,’ but she really just wanted a donut,” Knowles-Lawson said.

“It’s a little donut with all these sprinkles. It was terrible, tasted like paper or Styrofoam, but she loved it.”

About the video where Blue was telling her not to record, Knowles-Lawson said, “Oh [she was] busting me. She’s calling me out.”

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