Paris, New York, Hong Kong—these are just a few destinations you’re familiar with and perhaps already visited a few times already. We think you shouldn’t visit them this time around. The world, as you know, is too big to always keep booking the same vacation every year. With the upcoming long holiday, we figured why not find a few other places that aren’t so popular or offer a different flavor to the tourist route.

When it comes to such uncommon trails, it’s best to always ask someone who’s been there. Trust today’s bloggers and trendsetters to know where it’s at and what to do when you’re there.

Jaipur, India

From the terrace.

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Aside from being a place that’s perfect for that flowy summer dress, Jaipur offers trips to historical structures that trace back to India’s royalty such as the Hawa Mahal and the Jantar Mantar observatory. You may also opt for some shopping at Hot Pink for colorful pashminas, lanterns, jackets, and other accessories.

Thimpur, Bhutan

The small country of Bhutan rests with a certain calm due mainly to the Buddhist monasteries that have found solace in the Himalayas. Enjoy treks to view rice fields and communities that have found a way to live a life without disrupting the natural beauty of the mountains.

Sarakiniko Beach, Greece

When you need to marvel at the beauty of volcanic rocks side-by-side the bright blue Grecian sea, Sarakiniko is where you need to go. The bright white rocks are smooth yet give no sign of vegetation and were slowly created through the tides of time.

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Porvoo, Finland

In Porvoo, make sure to check out the red shore houses which were painted red for the coming of Gustav III, King of Sweden. The houses stand along the Porvoo River that connects to the Gulf of Finland which made it an easy destination in the 19th century for different delicacies unique to the town along with the Holm House, which hosts a seasonal display of its flower garden.

Coba, Mexico

It’s not just all about tequila in Mexico. In Coba, live among the Mayan ruins and stare in wonder at the centuries old structures that continue to boggle the best archaeologists. Such majesty has made Coba a silent but raw retreat with promises of long, walking tours to see various exotic animals that have inherited the ruins.

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