Baby Boy 2 was just rumors of the present nearly a month ago, but according to a since deleted post from Tyrese, the movie appeared to actually be in production. The baby boy himself posted a recycled image from director John Singleton, with a caption that read, “Jody’s baby mamas finally become friends and start plotting” against him. Not to mention, Yvette’s (Taraji P. Henson) got a new do.

Although Tyrese has since erased the sequel’s evidence from his Instagram account, we managed to catch a glimpse of Singleton’s parent post before he did the same from The YBF today (May 29). His post clarifies that the gathering is a result of a Memorial Day Weekend celebration. But, we still have hopes for the baby-mama/tag-teaming Baby Boy: Coming Of Age that Tyrese has been plugging as of late.

In the original Baby Boy, we know that Jody has a lot of growing up to do, as he seesaws between Peanut (Tamara Bass) and Yvette. One could only imagine how entertaining an united front formed against Jody would pan out to be. Even though the cast has been keeping pretty tight lips in regards to the details of the alleged upcoming film, our minds are wandering in anticipation of what it will come to be.

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