Florida strikes again.

Another cop has been caught on video harassing an innocent person — this time it’s a Black father holding his child.

On July 25, 2017, Deputy James Cady of Broward County, Florida harassed Allen Floyd who wasn’t under investigation for any crime. Cady is cursing, screaming and calling Floyd “boy.” Watch below:

Cady’s name wasn’t even mention in the police affidavit, but he has a history. The Miami Herald reports, “Cady’s personnel file includes previous Internal Affairs investigations for conduct unbecoming an employee (result: unfounded) and use of force (result: exonerated) from a June 2003 investigation; and taking suitable action (result: not sustained) and conduct unbecoming an employee (result: not sustained) from a June 2010 investigation. Despite the result of each investigation, the final recommendation was for a one-day suspension.”

A complaint has now been filed after the bodycam footage was released last month. Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein wrote in a Jan. 30 letter to Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, “Deputy Cady’s verbal assault coupled with him choking an otherwise cooperative bystander can only be characterized as unlawful touching. In addition, Deputy Cady’s use of the term ‘boy’ is offensive, condescending and demeaning. It carries racial connotations when used while addressing an adult black male.”

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony responded with, “Thank you for bringing this matter that occurred in July 2017 to my attention. A cursory search of our system shows that no complaint was made prior to receiving your letter. Our Division of Internal Affairs will provide you with a response upon conducting a thorough examination,” the Miami Herald reports.

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Article Credit: Newsone


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