Disagreements are an inevitable part of any relationship. No matter how into each other you both are, no matter how great things seem to be going, there is no doubt that blissful bubble will take a few hits when arguments rear their head. More trying than the actual conflict can be the apology that follows. Admitting you were wrong can be tough, but never fear as there are plenty of ways to apologize. In honor of National Kiss and Make Up Day, here are some suggestions.

Start Simple and Say Sorry

It’s probably the most obvious piece of advice that we’ve ever given, but those two magical words, “I’m sorry,” can carry a whole lot of weight. Sometimes it’s such a challenge to admit when you’re wrong, especially to someone who knows you so well. But being able to muster the self-awareness and genuine remorse to verbalize an apology is often times all your boo wants to hear so that you both can grow from the experience and move on with your relationship. It might be difficult to do, but trust us, “I’m sorry” is the way to go.

Treat Them To Dinner

Whether you decide on a romantic night in or opt to hit the town instead, carving out some quality time to enjoy great food and drink could be just what the doctor ordered to make amends. Everything is better with a great meal in front of you, and either springing for a nice evening out or slaving away in the kitchen won’t go unnoticed by a frustrated partner. This small gesture may not completely solve your squabble, but it’s surely a great start.

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Write Them A Heartfelt Note

Yes, verbalizing your regret over an unfortunate argument might be the preferred method of saying you’re sorry, but we’re also big proponents of the heartfelt apology note. For those who really thrive better in having the opportunity to collect their thoughts and plan their response, a letter might be the way to go. Aside from admitting where you may have gone wrong, the note approach also allows you to devote some time to reflecting on the importance of your relationship and really laying your feelings out there. An apology and a declaration of love… not a bad combo.

Buy A Meaningful Present

OK, so let’s preface this with the caveat that this is not our favorite suggestion. Trying to buy back someone’s affections through shelling out some dough just seems like a cop out. However, we do completely advocate purchasing a meaningful present, one that’s more than just an expensive trinket and something that hearkens back to the best days of your relationship. If there is an emotional motivation behind the gift your bestowing on your loved one, it will feel much more like a genuine apology, rather than an empty gesture.

Do Something Nice

This one may seem relatively obvious as well, but it’s still an effective means of drilling home just how sorry you are. Whether it’s taking on towering piles of laundry or doing the dishes for a week, doing something that you typically don’t enjoy doing all to make your loved ones’ life a little easier is a great way of showing how much you appreciate them and how sorry you truly are.

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Make-Up Sex

Yeah, buddy. Our favorite tactic on the list, literally kissing and making up can certainly bring two people closer together in the aftermath of a spat. So turn on that sexy time music and let the apologizing begin.

Give Them Space

Certainly not an approach that should be done on its own without being coupled with an apology, leaving your loved one alone for a minute could be very much appreciated and a great first step to reuniting. Sometimes the emotional drain of a fight makes accepting an apology almost impossible in that moment. But by giving your boo some time to cool down, think about what happened and ultimately formulate a more rational opinion, it could make saying “I’m Sorry” a lot less difficult and considerably more effective.

Showing You’re Sorry Through Sacrifice

Very much contingent on what your disagreement was about, showing your’re sorry by giving something up could be an incredibly effective means of apologizing. If you argued over how much time your significant other spends with their friends and not you and then he or she decides to give up that buddy time for a month to spend more with you, there’s no doubt you have to given them a little credit.

Take Them On A Getaway

Arguments can often stem from stresses in your immediate environment. Whether it’s frustration from work or issues with the fam, these stressors can make tense situations that much more difficult. So in that spirit, why not whisk your loved one away on a little getaway. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, but a weekend away could help ease tensions and make reconciliation much, much smoother and distraction-free.

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Listen and Understand

When all is said and done, sometimes what a person is really looking for is understanding. Event though it may be difficult to keep a level head during an argument and even more of a challenge to not jump in and defend yourself, it is essential that if the argument is really going there, really going to an emotionally charged, deep-seeded place that you listen to what is being said. You may not agree with it. You may think they’re being irrational. But that is how they’re feeling and if you hope to make amends, then listening and understanding their point of view will be essential.

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