History will be made at the United States Military Academy at West Point’s upcoming graduation. The prestigious institution is set to graduate its largest class of Black women in the academy’s 217-year history, Because of Them We Can reports.

Thirty-two Black women celebrated their upcoming graduation with a traditional Old Cops photoshoot.

Cadet Tiffany Welch-Baker opened up about inspiring the next generation of military leaders during an interview with Because of Them We Can. “My hope when young Black girls see these photos is that they understand that regardless of what life presents you, you have the ability an fortitude to be a force to be reckoned with,” Welch-Baker said.

She opened up about her journey at West Point and the comfort she found with her peers. “In just a short while I met so many cadets that looked like me, and that offered me some comfort. I have been so fortunate to have my sisters in arms, we have been fortunate to have each other.”

Established in 1802, women were not allowed to enroll in West Point until 1976.

Over the last few years, the academy has made strides towards inclusion, boasting several historic firsts.

Last year, Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams made history as the academy’s first Black superintendent. Two years ago, Cadet Simone Askew became the first Black woman named First Captain of the Corps of Cadets at West Point.

Congratulations to 32 women spreading #BlackGirlMagic at West Point.

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