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What would you tell your younger self? "When I was younger, I use to suck my cheeks in so people couldn’t see the roundness of my face. I wanted to be one of the beautiful people, the ones that got the guy’s attention, and was a part of the “in-crowd.” All that did was make me waste my youth looking for approval, rather than acceptance within. The last few years have been fruitful. I’ve rediscovered who I am by investing in my confidence, laughter, and moments that add value to my life. If I could tell my younger self anything, it would be to start living in your truth, own every curve of your body, and dance even when you’re alone. Life’s too short to be filled with regret. What would you tell your younger self?❤️" Pic: @ayanaiman 📸 @primo_supremo #womanhood #growth #selfacceptance #afrogirlfitness

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  1. “Who you are, as you are, is more than enough. Being anybody else is a disservice to who you are destined to become.” — man I wish someone had told me that as a kid 💜

  2. I would tell my younger self that it was ok to be assertive, and direct instead of passive-aggressive… The hurt feelings and anger that I harbored towards others that had hurt me only poisoned my spirit and mental space. This could have been avoided, if I just expressed my feelings, and moved on from the situations. I would make sure that my younger self would understand that this would free her future self from unnecessary stress and pain🌻🌻🌻


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