The effects of breakups range from good to bad to ridiculous and absolutely crazy.

Breakups elicit different emotions from people. Some change their lives altogether; some seek to get back at the heartbreaker in one hurtful way or another; some stay stuck on that partner, refusing to accept what has happened and move on; some move on like nothing happened, while some, like the five listed below, just go out and do something crazy…

1. The blocking spree

I blocked her off all my social media, deleted every photo of him [I had a lot of them], and cropped out her face from our favorite pictures – Ahmed, 24.

Some people are just petty after breakups. (Hiphop Taught Me)

2. Fixed a fake date

I’m not proud of it, but after one of my ex broke up with me, I hit him up with a fake account, claiming to be a Nigerian in Ghana and limiting our convo to just social media. I told him I’d be coming back home permanently in two months and he believed.

On the day I was to come back, he booked a hotel room and was waiting for me at a restaurant. I didn’t show up. I deleted the social media account – Zainab, 28.

3. Gave out all his gifts

I just couldn’t bear to see those things around anymore. I gave them out to strangers.

It was spontaneous and I sometimes wish I had kept some of those things. – Gladys, 27.


All his gifts no longer meant anything after he cheated on me and dumped me. (Fotolia)

4. I actually quit my job

We were colleagues. There was no way I was going to stay around and see her everyday after she played me the way she did.

I quit my job and took another one outside Lagos which also paid slightly lesser. – Boma, 25.

5. I tried to sleep with his brother

He cheated with my friend and broke up with me, so I planned to sleep with his older brother as revenge.

I came to my sense early enough. I could not go through with it. – Philomena, 25.

All names in this article have been changed.

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