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When you consistently work at your goals, it'll show eventually. . “You always kept yourself nice even when you was big” IS NOT A COMPLIMENT TO ME! What are you really trying to say? Because all the plus sized women I know keep themselves nice as well🤔 Stop with the stereotypes! The only time being plus sized became a problem for me was when the scale read 300lbs, when I was out of breath from one flight of stairs and when my knees started to ache from carrying so much weight! People change for different reasons and this was mine. People also make changes when they are ready! I transformed my page in hopes that anyone on a journey to become healthier(for whatever reason) would see my page & decide not to give up. Btw I’m convinced that this is my signature pose 😂 . Via:@nathia_ #consistencyiskey #disciplineiskey #healthiswealth #nevergiveup #afrogirlfitness

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