Writer-director Hughes, who passed away in 2009, was never big on sequels to begin with. Although he wrote the scripts for the Home Alone sequels and gave his blessing to the litter of Beethoven follow-ups, he never directed a second installment to any of his movies. And he was diametrically opposed to idea of a The Lunch Club … or whatever a Breakfast Club sequel might be titled. Hughes told The Hartford Courant in 1999, “I know everybody would love to watch it, but I’m too fond of those characters … there’s no excuse that could ever put them in the same room ever again. There isn’t anything in their lives after high school relevant to that day.”

He added that he had a plan for what would happen to each of them after their epic pow wow in the library that day and said he once thought of tapping it out as a short story for readers to consume. “I thought about it. I could do it in prose. I know what will happen to them. I know them. But to do it with real actors—with Molly [Ringwald] and Judd [Nelson] and Ally [Sheedy]— they’d never come back together again,” he explained.

Although that never happened, he did give a few clues as to what became of his TBC crew. “It’s like Ferris Bueller. You don’t want to see him today. You’d hate him. He’d either be a bum or a politician. But it would be great to hear [The Breakfast Club] Sunday night on the phone. That Monday, Michael would have really tried to be friends with them. Molly would be obviously embarrassed.”

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We would wonder if we could have one black star if there is a sequel. Just saying.

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