Willow Smith recently unveiled her second collaboration with San Clemente, California-based sock company Stance. For her first collection, Smith looked to nature, this time around she’s looking beyond Earth. The teen says that her sock collection is based “ever-changing universe.” The collection features a range of black and white styles and styles featuring elaborate prints, both with cryptic titles like “You Thought You Knew”” and “Step into the Unknown.”

“With Stance I was given total creative freedom to tell a story and share my vision,” Smith said in a statement. “I pull a lot of inspiration from the idea that there is more about this world than the here and now, and that’s what this collection represents to me. I like the thought that every day you can step into the unknown.”

Willow Smith Stance

Willow Smith Stance

Willow Smith Stance

Willow Smith Stance

Willow Smith x Stance socks are available for $14 and $18. Shop HERE.

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