The therapist is the person who listens to everyone else’s problems, but sometimes we need someone to listen to us too. While in one of my own therapy sessions, my therapist asked me “Who in your life asks about you?” I answered no one and thought I was fine with the idea of no one asking how I was doing. But a few weeks later after a very, very difficult day at work, instead of me venting about my tough day, I was listening to a friend and helping them through their problem. I needed someone to ask about how I was doing and listen to me. As they poured out their anger, I realized that nowhere in the conversation was I asked about. I know they needed me, but I needed them too. It hurt.

Now, at the end of that conversation I could have told them I needed to talk about my rough day, but after listening to them on top of listening to eight mentally ill people that day, I was too drained to even say anything.

If you have a friend that’s a therapist, they surely do not mind helping you but you must remember that when they are not at work, they are not a therapist. Use your time with them to literally be their friend.  Have fun with them! Therapists sometimes forget to take care of themselves because we devote most of our time to other people. Sometimes we need our friends to remind us or even help us take care of ourselves. Don’t forget that they may need to cry to you or may need you to just listen to them or offer them emotional support. A simple “How are you doing?” can open the door for them to vent about whatever has been bothering them or something positive going on in their life. It’s about the gesture. We spend our day asking people how they are feeling and encouraging others to live their best life. We need that too.


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